Our company , in an effort to offer a more complete supply, added to its range of services also dezinsection – deratizations.

Our company has aligned its operations in accordance with the EU instruction 852/04 and H.A.C.C.P. system (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points- Hazard Analysis and Critical

Control Points) and based on the above instruction, has prepared a plan of disinsectisation – rat extermination implementations, whose main points are:



Dezinsection with spray

It involves all crawling insects (not included spiders, fleas, bedbugs, ticks, flies, mosquitoes).



Dezinsection with Gel


The bait in the form of gel, unlike the traditional way (spraying all around) is a foof-attractive insecticide and is a revolution in the field of pesticides because of the excellent results, low doses and of the ease in applying.




It is done by installing rodenticide in various places, especially in wells and in dark places, where there may be rats nests or pass for rats. The drug is highly effective in mice that are addicted to existing rodenticides.




It is done by spraying germicidal drugs in all areas, such as: W.C., changing rooms and general where is needed special care.


Additional services of operations and products:


Moreover, our company can undertake the following operations:


  • Repellency of snakes
  • Electrical fly traps
  • Removal of pigeons
  • Fumigation